gardenia black mold on leaf

Dennis R. Moore dmoore at
Tue Feb 29 07:57:11 EST 2000

On 28 Feb 2000 23:30:59 GMT, jeffreym1 at (JeffreyM1) wrote:

>My gardenia plants are getting some black mold like stuff on the leaves, and it
>looks like it is killing the plant.  How can I save my plants.  I sprayed them
>with fungiside, is there anything else I should do?  Should I scrub each leaf
>clean?  Thankyou.

Your description fits that of Sooty Mold. Sooty Mold grows on the
secretions of plant sucking insects and mites. It does not harm the
plant except insofar as it blocks light from the surface of the leaf
thereby interfering with photosynthesis. It may be removed with soap
and water and it's return prevented by identifying and controlling the
insect or mite that is most likely infesting your plant.


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