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>I began growing some amarilys plants from seed about 2 years ago, and now have
>2 plants that are about 20cm tall, each with 3 leaves (soon to be 5) just over
>1 cm wide. 
>Does anyone have any idea when they will reach flowering age at this rate, or
>what factors might indicate that they are 'mature'? I'm also wondering if
>anyone knows what conditions are necessary to get Amarylis to flower.

I grew some from seed once - fun project.  They will probably bloom for
the first time when the bulbs are about 7-8 cm in diameter.  I put my
almost big enough to flower bulbs outside for the summer, with the pots 
in the ground, and almost all of them got cored by daffodil borers, an
insect I had never heard of before, so beware!  They never bothered the
amaryllis that weren't sunk in the ground.  It seems they had ignored my
daffodils because I plant them deep.  I don't know the range of this insect,
but we are both in southern Ontario.

There are several good sites in the Netherlands with info on flowering
bulbs, and at least one goes into the physiological requirements for
getting various species to bloom.  Unfortunately, I don't have the URL
at hand.

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