Yellow Groove Bamboo

arron kcchin at
Tue Feb 29 11:16:32 EST 2000

Dan & Annemarie Burke wrote:
> Does anyone know much about yellow groove bamboo?

Schizostachyum brachycladum
  have a yellow variety, size 6-8m x 6-9cm
and internode length 30-45cm.  Nice looking clum, and  sympodial nature, and
thus clumping habit makes it suitable for ornamental. 
Being thin walled, and just right size internode, makes it suitable for cooking
'bamboo' rice (lemang)(a malay delicacy)

S. gracile
have yellow variety,size 4-5m x 2cm, 30cm internode; very arching clum
therefore not so suitable for ornimental

Bambusa vulgaris
have yellow variety and usually with a green streak, size4-20m x3-10cm
(but controllable in planting down to size to 4m x 3cm for ornamental) internode
40cm. The bright yellow clum with green streaks make beautiful plant.
(This plant is  same species as one of the (two) Budda's belly bamboo)

Sasamorpha hubeiensis 
light to bright yellow, 1m x 5mm

Arundinaria maculosa 
10m x 5cm, internnode 40cm, green when young , bright yellow when mature  
Phyllostachys kwangsiensis
8-16m x 4-10cm   (notice flexibility in size) internodes 35cm
young clum green, when mature yellow

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