Bald cypress

Starbuck pmdlandarch at
Tue Jan 4 16:48:16 EST 2000

It's native to swamps throughout the southern USA.  Grows profusely in a
wide range of soil conditions, heavy clay, silt, or muck,  wherever
considerable moisture is present.  Will also grow in moist uplands as far
north as zone 5 (Iowa), and will withstand intermitant drought.  Whitcomb's
"Know it and Grow" doesn't recommend stratification or other preliminary
treatment of the seed.  I'd assume that none is needed.  For more detail on
fertilization and potting meduim see Carl E. Whitcomb's "Plant Propogation
in Containers".

Generally any well drained (sandy) mix that is also high in organic matter
should work for you.  Keep it watered.

Michael L. wrote in message
<84bcjp$4qd4$1 at>...
>    I have a "seed pod" (for mlack of a better description) from a Bald
>Cypress tree thast I am going to attempt to grow at home. Are there any
>special instructions for growing the tree, starting the seedling, or
>soil conditions that I need to pay attention to?
>    Is there anything that I need to do to the seed to prepare it for
>    Any help whatsoever is appreciated, as I am a complete novice at
>anything, and the color of my thumb is the farthest color from green on the

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