Peace Lily

John King king at
Tue Jan 4 22:27:57 EST 2000

Sorry I was so lazy as not to look this up on Internet before posting
to this newgroup. On looking it up I cam eup with the following :

" SPATHIPHYLLUMS – Going Droopy…..
Did you know...

Spathiphyllum the genus name means, literally, "leaf spathe", with
spathe defined as "A large bract or pair of bracts sheathing a flower
cluster, as a spadix." You're likely to know it as "Peace Lily". Its'
widespread interior use is due to its exceptional acclimation to low
light conditions. "

We moved the Peace Lilly to an area of home with much lower level of
light. Hope it will be a lot happier here ...  *S*

Happy New Year Wishes to bionet.plants....

John King


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