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What area are you in.  I doubt it was sunburn as this is a plant that
thrives out doors in zones 9-10.  Is it indoors or out?

If the roots are healthy then you should be able to save it.

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Vince Faubert <vfaubert at canada.com> wrote in message
news:848ter0smi at enews2.newsguy.com...
> I have a poinsetta in which was doing great until I moved back in July it
> was a really hot day and the suffered what I conssider to be sunburned.
> plant turned a sickly looking greenish yellow and stayed that way until
> week 12-20-99 when it started droping it's leaves now it has no leaves and
> it's stems are looking brownish green. is there any hope in saving this
> plant?
> Vinny

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