Ficus Benjamina

Toni Allardyce ccrhorse at
Sat Jan 8 04:30:40 EST 2000

This is a naturally a tropical plant that is sensitive to cold and low light
levels. It also has trouble with overwatering if there is insufficient
drainage. The leaves do not like house dust and need to be cleaned with
water. Misting the leaves on a regular basis if you have a dry house in the
winter. Fertilizer for tropicals is ok, as long as you have the soil
semi-moist first.They do grow slow, but can be easily propagated by leaf
stems tips. hope this helps
Vernon B. Parsons III <Vern at> wrote in message
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> Could someone please tell me about this plant...especially how to care for
> it???  It would be greatly appreciated!
> Many Thanks,
> Michelle

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