pH and Germination

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>Anyone else did a study on the Effect of pH on seed Germination before?
>Should I use proper soil or cotton wool and filter paper?
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I presume this is a school project of some type.

If you are doing a project like this you need to cut down the number
of variables that may affect you outcomes.  If you use filter paper
and cotton wool you will know what the ph of the substrate will be,
with 'proper soil' there is a possibility that either chemical or
microbial action may change the substrate ph over time.  

Make sure that each replicate of the procedure only alters one
variable at a time ,eg ph, amount of light, type of seed, and make
sure you do enough replicated of each to give enough dots on your
graph so that you can see if the results are statistically signigicant
(only two points on a graph will always give you a nice straight line
but will loose you marks).

Finally, be prepared to explaing the results if 'nothing happens,
there is no difference'.  Just because an experiment does not give the
expected results does not mean it is 'wrong'.  most of the science
(and the marks) are in the interpretation of the results.

Hope this helps


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