catalpa tree question

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Mon Jan 10 21:55:56 EST 2000

If you're talking about Catalpa speciosa, I know for a fact that it is
hardy to zone 4.  I have seen some older specimens of it, 40-50 years
old, in Ithaca, NY.  Ithaca, NY is considered zone 4.

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>Catalpa, although native to a small area of Oklahoma, was commonly used for
>hedgerows and source of fenceposts throughout the midwest, and will thrive
>in Iowa (listed by Hightshoe as hardy to zone 5a).  Since the zone line on
>my Arnold Arboretum hardiness zone map shows the upper Michigan pennensula
>as being partly in 5a (temperature moderated by the lakes), then I suspect
>you won't have a problem.  Yes, they are deciduous trees.
>Kim Hawkins wrote in message <3809fba0$0$28089 at>...
>>I have a co-worker who has a catalpa tree in her yard. we live in northern
>>michigan so I hear this is rare.  She took some seeds from the tree and she
>>is trying to grow some indoors.  They are loosing their leaves and she is
>>wondering if this is normal since it is the fall season or if the tree is
>>dying.  If anyone can help me with this question or suggest a web site It
>>would be greatly appreciated.  thank you.

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