Cyclamen & Somona

Bob Vinton bobv at
Tue Jan 11 20:12:46 EST 2000

Dennis - thanks for your prompt reply. Yes, I do water from the bottom.
Having looked more closely at my plants, including some other plants such as
African Violets and a Begonia, where I noticed leaves being attacked, you
may be right about mites or some other house plant insect or disease. In
which case, could you please recommend a treatment, - a spray, powder, soil
soak, etc.?

Thanks,   Bob Vinton

"Dennis G." <dennis_goos at> wrote in message
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> "Bob Vinton" <bobv at> wrote:
> >Somona - this is supposed to flower all year round. Mine is not flowering
> >all, although the plant looks quite healthy. Any suggestions anybody?
> >
> >Cyclamen - I have two of these. One looks very healthy leaf-wise, but the
> >flowers are struggling to come up. The other has brown drying out
> >on most of the leaves, but lots of flowers starting out from the centre
> >the plant, but again they they don't make it too far. I believe it may be
> >problem of too much or too little water. Can anybody help me? (I hope so,
> >because I bought a new third one today, which of course looks beautiful
> >I don't want to lose it!)
> >
> >Thanks in advance,    Bob
> >
> >
> Bob;
> Did you check closely for mites ?
> Are you watering from the bottom? Rot starts easily if damp under leaves.
> Dennis

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