pH and Germination

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Just wondering -
what are you using to measure the pH?
Inexpensive soil pH meters (cost about $20.00) can
be very inaccurate.  If you are doing an experiment
involving pH I think it is important that you first
make sure that you are measuring your pH correctly.
Get yourself a free copy of laboratorymart's pH
Primer - gives all the info you mneed to measure pH
correctly.  You can get your copy at

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> >Anyone else did a study on the Effect of pH on seed Germination
> >Should I use proper soil or cotton wool and filter paper?
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> Lawrence,
> I presume this is a school project of some type.
> If you are doing a project like this you need to cut down the number
> of variables that may affect you outcomes.  If you use filter paper
> and cotton wool you will know what the ph of the substrate will be,
> with 'proper soil' there is a possibility that either chemical or
> microbial action may change the substrate ph over time.
> Make sure that each replicate of the procedure only alters one
> variable at a time ,eg ph, amount of light, type of seed, and make
> sure you do enough replicated of each to give enough dots on your
> graph so that you can see if the results are statistically
> (only two points on a graph will always give you a nice straight line
> but will loose you marks).
> Finally, be prepared to explaing the results if 'nothing happens,
> there is no difference'.  Just because an experiment does not give
> expected results does not mean it is 'wrong'.  most of the science
> (and the marks) are in the interpretation of the results.
> Hope this helps
> Matt

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