What about plant hormones? Oh help!!!

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Wed Jan 12 18:33:40 EST 2000

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>Oh...the dilemma!!!
>I know I said I was going to do pH and Germination but I figure there is not
>really much depth in that topic.<

Not much depth??  Possibly this is your chance to add some, and do
some original science into the bargin

>..and someone suggested a study of plant hormones.
>One thing though, how do I make up the solutions? <

The glib amswer is 'very carefully.  Making dilutions is basically
being able to measure very accurately, and also being able to do the
math to calculate the volumes.  Speak nicely to you lab technician and
teacher and check out your schools chemical suppliers catalogue for
something like a 'Plant Hormones Kit'.  There is one available in the
UK Griffin and George catalogue that contains a selection of hormones
and chemicals you need to carry out these kind of experiments
(probably at the right dilution).  >

>  Would I be able to use mung beans and cotton wool?

Most hormones act on the growing parts of the plant, whereas most of
your seed are sitting there waiting to grow.  I would imagine most of
the stuff would get soaked up in the cotton wool.  Now, if you grew
some bean seedlings and applied a blobs of hormone paste of the
appropriate concentrations with a toothpick, then you might have an



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