American chestnut website

Ed ceengr at
Fri Jan 14 01:03:02 EST 2000

Anyone interested in American Chestnut restoration or planting American
Chestnut Trees may want to check out my WebPages at .  It has information about
different organizations involved in restoration as well as sources of
American Chestnut seednuts and saplings.  The American Chestnut Cooperators
Foundation (ACCF) at VirginiaTech University makes it possible for the
layman to actively participate in American Chestnut restoration by
distributing seednuts from their breeding program, to those interested.

ACCF uses pure American Chestnuts (not hybrids) that exhibit some resistance
to blight in their breeding program.  Their homepage linked from my page,
has information about starting chestnuts from seed, blight and detailed
information about restoration.  They also have seedlings at $1.00 per tree
in bundles of 25.

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