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Joel J. Milner joel.milner at
Fri Jan 14 10:06:58 EST 2000

Postdoctoral Position in Plant Molecular
Biology/Plant Virology
University of Glasgow, Scotland and
University College of Wales, Bangor,

Virus-induced patterns of gene
expression at single-cell resolution in
(Cell-mapping of gene expression)

Virus infection in plants is
characterized by a programmed host
response that involves extensive changes
in the patterns of host gene expression.
This project will exploit new techniques
of isolation and analysis of mRNA to map
infection-induced genes at the
resolution of individual cells and
provide unprecedented spatial detail of
the molecular processes involved in the
development of infection. This is
impossible using traditional whole plant
or organ analysis. The work will be
performed using CaMV and Arabidopsis as
a model system and builds on the
expertise in virology at Glasgow and in
single-cell sampling at Bangor. mRNAs
will be quantitated using
state-of-the-art techniques including
RT-PCR and hybridisation-array
technology. The successful candidate
will join three vigorous research
groups. The project will provide career
openings in several fields of cellular
plant molecular biology, virology and
physiology. The postdoc will be based in
Glasgow but the work spend extended
periods  in both  Bangor. Candidates
should have a PhD with appropriate
experience (e.g.  cell physiology,
molecular biology, biochemistry, etc.).
The position is for three years.  Salary
Scale RA1A to spine point 6  (starting

For further information  contact Dr.
Joel Milner (+44) 141 330 5836;
joel.milner at

Full details of the project can be found

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