Hyacinthus Orientalis

e.t. and dct emt1 at bellsouth.net
Sun Jan 16 17:28:37 EST 2000

I purchased a basket with 5 bulbs in flower.  Now that the flowers have
left me, what do I do with them?  I need to move them outside (my son
didn't like the fragrance) but I've never tried to do anything with
bulbs before.  I'm in Atlanta, GA.  The temp has been running from the
mid 40s to the mid 60s during the day and anywhere from 25-40 at night.
Can they be planted now (I ask because I heard a lady at the plant store
say that she'll put them in the fridge after the blooms die off for a
couple of months then replant them in the basket and they flower again).

Also, do I cut them down to the bulb or do I simply remove the flower
stalk and leave the leaves intact?

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!  e.t.

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