cactus help

BenglKitty benglkitty at
Thu Jan 20 17:16:05 EST 2000

I bought a "grow it yourself" saguaro cactus kit while in Arizona a few weeks
back. I planted it following the directions during the  first week of this
month ( JAN. ) It says it takes 3-10 days to sprout. It has been past 10 days
now and nothing has happenned. I brushed away at the top of the pot with my
finger to see if anything was under neath but I just found some seeds still
there doing nothing. What should I do? Do I keep water in the bottom of the
dish it sits in since it ran out or does it have enough? It is still moist. It
is not suny here in Seattle, WA. so it isn't getting much warm sun. The
directions say it will grow anywhere in indirect light. I keep the room warm,
around 60 degrees. What else can I do?


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