Spindle Palm Seed Germination

Tim Ebling tim at surreal.com.nospam
Fri Jan 21 16:43:51 EST 2000

Hello all, I'm completely new to growing palms, yet I thought I'd give
it a try.  I bought some Spindle Palm (hyophorbe verschaffeltii) seeds
from www.seedman.com along with a palm/cycad reference book.  The book
suggests planting palm seeds in an enclosed plastic bag out of direct
sunlight.  The bag should be kept warm and moist.  This sounds
reasonable to me, but does anyone else here have any practical
experience with growing palms?

The seed packet itself says "Cover 1" deep in sand/loam mixture.  Keep
warm and in bright light.  Normal germination between 2-12 months."
Wow, a long time to wait :-)

I have a juvenile Spindle Palm as well (about 50" tall), and it is
absolutely gorgeous.  I know these are very slow to grow, but I hope to
someday have some similarly sized specimens from my seeds.

Thanks for any and all advice.


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