cactus help

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Sat Jan 22 10:54:12 EST 2000

Seeds are _not_ usually green inside; plant tissues are only green with
exposure to light, and seeing as the inside of a seed is not exposed to
light, it would follow that, no, seeds are not green inside. If anything the
seed should show some white(ish) on the inside. Perhaps you should wait until
spring if you're not having any luck with the seeds. But also have patience;
cacti seeds can take a really long time to germinate.

In article <25974-38892B68-68 at>, shawnfromin at (Shawn Campbell) writes:
>I would suggest breaking one of the seeds open. If it's green on the
>inside then just give the rest of them some more time. You might want to
>find a way to provide some more heat to the soil (say 75 to 80 degrees),
>because cacti are heat loving succulents. If the soil is moist that's
>good!  You don't want to drown the little buggers!
>However, If the seeds are brown then (I hope you didn't pay a lot for
>them! ) find yourself a nice retail nursery and buy one already started.

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