Pachira Aquatica with problems!

Jan Luyendijk jan.luyendijk at
Sun Jan 23 14:11:31 EST 2000

Hello everyone,

About five months ago I bought a Pachira Aquatica. According to a label on
the plant it stands at a place in the house where there is nearly no
sunshine. The label says the Pachira Aquatica is a strong plant that
therefore can grow also in a dark place.
However, in five months time we haven't seen any grow yet. Moreover, the
last couple of weeks some leaves have fallen off the plant. We have noticed
that the leaves are colouring brown, like leaves in autumn.
We give the Pachira Aquatica plant food each month and once or twice a week
some water on the soil. It is sprayed every day once or twice.
The temperature in our house is always between 18 and 21 degrees C.

We have searched for information about the Pachira on the internet, but
haven't found any suitable sites.

Is there anybody who knows what is going on and can gives us an advice for a
Pachira Aquatica?

Thanks in advance.

Jan Luyendijk

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