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> Can anyone give me a bit of growing advice?
> I've just bought a Gynura Sarmentosa ( Velvet Plant ) at my local
> all the label in the pot said was the usual generic watering and
> advice, anything more specific would be greatly appreciated.
> ChrisR
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g'day chris,

they are fairly easy to look after, so basic care tips is all that is
needed, as with all plants light and watering amounts are important.

just that here in australia 'gynura' for me seems to be a host plant
for mealy bugs when used as an indoor culture, i was forever treating
mine for bugs (and there was no ants involved), i've also seen them in
nurseries with mealy bugs already on them. this might also mean that
the humidity of the house wasn't high enough?

mine now are planted in the garden where the problem doesn't seem to


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