tree moving--RANT

Monique Reed monique at
Mon Jan 24 10:04:56 EST 2000

Anyone thinking of having a large or valuable tree moved to or from
their property should shop around for an expert and ask for lots of

Horror Story:  At Texas A&M, a number of very large, old live oaks
(including a huge one that was named) were moved to make way for
construction.  The plan was to replant the trees around the new
building.  Some of them were transplanted, but most of them died in
their holding boxes.  They were not pre- root pruned, they were dug in
midsummer, and since they're evergreen, they continued in water stress
the whole time they were out of the ground--which was far too long. 
In the end, *not one tree* survived, even though the company had
bragged and bragged about its successes with previous jobs.  Any
first-year horticulture student could have told them they were doing
everything wrong.  

The worst part is that the carnage was completely unnecessary.  A
former landscape architecture professor came up with a building plan
that would have spared most of the trees and provided a larger
square-footage in the new building.  His plan was shrugged off despite
a popular petition because the University had already paid a bundle to
the architect.  A whole line of mature trees was removed to acommodate
a gerrymandered floorplan.  In the end, cost over-run dictated that
the building never made it that far and those trees were sacrificed
for nothing.

Sorry, folks, but I can't stand to see a tree wasted when a little
effort and money would have saved it.

Monique Reed

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