Pachira Aquatica with problems!

infomaui infomaui at
Mon Jan 24 18:40:18 EST 2000

The pachira will take shade but needs some
indirect sun. Indoors a flourescent light will
be helpful. It really does not need so much
fertilizer. I feed my plants only twice a year.
According to your description your plant is
trying to give up. 
Good Luck, Chris
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Jan Luyendijk <jan.luyendijk at> wrote in article
<86fjkk$539b$1 at>...
> Hello everyone,
> About five months ago I bought a Pachira Aquatica. According to a label
> the , like leaves in autumn.
> We give 
> haven't found any suitable sites.
> Is there anybody who knows what is going on and can gives us an advice
for a
> Pachira Aquatica?
> Thanks in advance.
> Jan Luyendijk

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