T-shirt featuring endangered plants - lowest price ever!

Timothy B. Levine esmmkt at bloc.pathway.net
Tue Jan 25 16:33:25 EST 2000

Hello all,

I'd like to tell you about a group of t-shirts we are closing out. 
These shirts in particular list ever known endangered species of plant
life in the united states.  They shirts are fun as well as educational,
and serve to raise awareness of endangered plants and endangered species
in general.  We are selling these shirts for $3.99 each.  Retailers are
also welcome to purchase these shirts.  There were some slight printing
problems with the shirts (which resulted in us discontinuing the line
and thus closing out the shirts) but overall the shirts do look very
good when worn.

For more information on these shirts - including a picture - please
visit our website:


or to order one you may reply to me via e-mail removing bloc from my

Tim Levine
Earth Sun Moon

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