HELP!! Drooping Areca Palm

Joel Ostrow jostrow at
Tue Jan 25 20:28:00 EST 2000

I recently purchased a large Areca Palm (14" pot, about 7' tall).
Bought it Sunday, transplanted it the same day.  It is cold here
in Chicago, and I have it near a window.  Still it is mid-60s all
day in the room, even if the window is a bit drafty.  I watered it
well, so the soil is moist, but not drenched.  I mist the plant daily.

Drooping is happening at all levels... even some of the leaves on
the topmost branches are arching downwards.  I did not fertilize
upon transplant, as my experience suggests this is not a good

Any suggestions on what might be causing the drooping and how
to reverse the process and save this beautiful plant from any
further trauma???


ostrow at

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