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Tue Jan 25 21:44:40 EST 2000


Very astute point. One of the things we are often called upon to do is
dollar valuation of large trees, often for insurance or legal reasons.
Because we HAVE actually assigned (and billed) dollar values for these, we
are some of the very few in the world who can do the task in a way that is
non-metaphorical or subjective.

Thanks for the input.


Mike the Tree Doctor

Dennis G. <dennis_goos at> wrote in message
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> mystic <mystic at> wrote:
> >  It's big money  --  strictly for the rich and
> >impatient.
> >
> >Appleman
> Perhaps.
> But it is work that requires specialized knowledge and experience and that
> always commands a premium dollar in any trade.
> And though the rich may benefit more readily from these skills, any
> homeowner who has a special tree should consider the benefits of appraisal
> insurance. You cannot replace a 50 or 100 year old tree in a lifetime
> the help of the specialists.
> Dennis

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