Ericaceous transplants: Mycorrhizae question.

Mike the Tree Doctor mlamana at
Tue Jan 25 21:51:31 EST 2000


General question re: subterranean biology of ericaceous transplants.

In a nutshell do such plants as Oxydendrum, Gaylussacia, Artcostaphylos,
etc. have mycorrhizal associations with sensitive fungal species??

I ask because over the years I have had a HECK of a time getting these
plants to establish after being dug, and I've run the gamut of pH,
temperature, digging protocol, soil amendments, yadda yadda. This last
hypothesis is that the soil fauna do not being moved, or that they are slow
to re-colonize or achieve compensatory growth of mycelia.

Any thoughts?

Thanks to all for all your help - as always :)

Mike the Tree Doctor

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