tree moving--RANT

Monique Reed monique at
Wed Jan 26 09:57:27 EST 2000

I really don't have any more info.  I surely do wish I had the name of
the Houston firm that claimed they could do the job.  My posting was
based on watching close to a dozen huge trees die very slowly in
little boxes.


Mike the Tree Doctor wrote:
> Monique:
> You'll be glad to know that in all the years we've been at this, we've only
> lost one (count 'em) tree! We too hate to see trees die, that's why we're in
> this line of work. We've saved hundreds (maybe thousands??) of trees from
> the chainsaw.
> I am very interested in that horror story job, and would be very
> appreciative if you'd eMail me more info!
> Thanks for the input!
> Mike the Tree Doctor
> Monique Reed <monique at> wrote in message
> news:388C6A18.29367A9B at
> > Anyone thinking of having a large or valuable tree moved to or from
> > their property should shop around for an expert and ask for lots of
> > references.
> >
> > Horror Story:  At Texas A&M, a number of very large, old live oaks
> > (including a huge one that was named) were moved to make way for
> > construction.  The plan was to replant the trees around the new
> > building.  Some of them were transplanted, but most of them died in
> > their holding boxes.  They were not pre- root pruned, they were dug in
> > midsummer, and since they're evergreen, they continued in water stress
> > the whole time they were out of the ground--which was far too long.
> > In the end, *not one tree* survived, even though the company had
> > bragged and bragged about its successes with previous jobs.  Any
> > first-year horticulture student could have told them they were doing
> > everything wrong.
> >
> > The worst part is that the carnage was completely unnecessary.  A
> > former landscape architecture professor came up with a building plan
> > that would have spared most of the trees and provided a larger
> > square-footage in the new building.  His plan was shrugged off despite
> > a popular petition because the University had already paid a bundle to
> > the architect.  A whole line of mature trees was removed to acommodate
> > a gerrymandered floorplan.  In the end, cost over-run dictated that
> > the building never made it that far and those trees were sacrificed
> > for nothing.
> >
> > Sorry, folks, but I can't stand to see a tree wasted when a little
> > effort and money would have saved it.
> >
> > Monique Reed

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