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> I recently purchased a large Areca Palm (14" pot, about 7' tall).
> Bought it Sunday, transplanted it the same day.  It is cold here
> in Chicago, and I have it near a window.  Still it is mid-60s all
> day in the room, even if the window is a bit drafty.  I watered it
> well, so the soil is moist, but not drenched.  I mist the plant daily.
> Drooping is happening at all levels... even some of the leaves on
> the topmost branches are arching downwards.  I did not fertilize
> upon transplant, as my experience suggests this is not a good
> idea.
> Any suggestions on what might be causing the drooping and how
> to reverse the process and save this beautiful plant from any
> further trauma???
> Thanks!!!
> ostrow at
g'day joel,

i might be on the wrong track here joel, when you said you transplanted
it does that mean you put it in the garden? if so the problem could be
that your zone may be too cold for these equatorial/tropical palms, i
should imagine they may not cope too well in temp's below about 6c over
long periods. also winter might not be the best time to transplant
tropical plants in your region.

as for not fertilising when i transplant palms into my garden in
austrlia i always put fertiliser in and around the palme as i back fill
but always keep the roots from direct contact with the fertiliser
(pelletized chook poop).

don't know if i've helped at all.

if the palm is still in a pot inside the house then i would suggest a
southern exposure, look at the warmth, and the light (they will want
good light). a simple test for natural light indoors hold a sheet of
wjite paper on the wall then from 10"s out hold your hand to cause a
shadow on the paper if the shadow is very distinct and not hazy looking
then the light is good the less distinct the shadow the poorer the
light. this test is done on the wall near wher the plant is going to
live. you may have to introduce more artificail light.


happy gardening
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