A 14 year old needs help in future career

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Thu Jan 27 18:08:23 EST 2000

Roughly in order of importance:

1) Learn proper spelling, sentence structure and paragraph structure
   (someone has to say this).  This alone will put you head and
   above many of your peers.  While working as a software engineer some
   years ago, I learned that 'vegetation' has only 1 'i', so I can 
   appreciate this being an ongoing process. None the less, the sooner
   it's addressed, the better.
2) The above brings up a second point -- be flexible in both your career
   plans, and in your skill set.  Biologists who are bad at math or
   computers are even more common than those without technical writing 
3) It sounds like you are interested in 'restoration ecology'.  Since
   this is (or should be) a part of forestry, road building, and city
   planning, you might find additional information of interest to you
   in these fields.

cur - 4) Good luck, keep your goals in site, and if I can do it, you

meanmon13 wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm 14, and I think I would like to be a boniest, becuz I think that has
> to do with habitats. See what I would like to do when I grow up is,
> study habitats of animals, and reconstruct them and botany is the
> closest I can find to that. Does anyone know if that is bontany, or is
> it something else. If you know please e-mail me at meanmon13 at yahoo.com
> Thank you,


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