Need help identifying a terrestrial alga

Bob rbadar1932 at
Sun Jan 30 11:40:41 EST 2000

 I've found a most unusual plant that looks like a seaweed but grows on
land, greenish, translucent, gelationous, an inch or so high, one or
two inches wide, each plant or thallus a little rosette, in a group of
hundreds over several hundred square feet.  I believe it's a
terrestrial alga, possibly a cyanobacteria or blue green alga.  It
appears in winter after rains, lasts a couple of weeks, then collapses,
turning to green slime, then reappeas the following year.  Anybody know
what this is?  Location is in Santa Rosa, Ca.  Grows in full sun on
pebbly soil with no competing plants near a parking strip.


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