Ericaceous transplants: Mycorrhizae question.

Mike Hagen mhagen at
Sat Jan 29 17:34:56 EST 2000

The only times I've ever been able to transplant or get Madrone to
germinate were when I accidentally caught seed in pots under the parent
tree or moved brand new seedlings. They needed native soil to make it at

truffler1635 at wrote:
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>   Steve Hinkson <sphinkson at> wrote:
> > I don't know your answer, Mike, if I ever knew, I've forgotten.
> > Fascinating hypothesis, though, just the sort of thing that stumped orchid
> > growers for years!
> > Let me know if you find out it's true?
> > Thanks.
> > Steve
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> All Orchidaceae require mycorrhizal fungi.
> Daniel B. Wheeler
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