secondary metabolism

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Oh Bobby,

You're such a prissy little fuss pot.

Its good to know you have your old college textbooks handy. Don't you wish
everybody did?

"If there's a God, how does you Research Assistant explain the cockroaches
and Bob Kirk?"

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> "Stephen Jankalski" <CEREOID at> writes:
> >In reference to what?
> >Could you be a little less specific and even more vague?
> >When is your paper due?
> >Could it be that which follows the primary metabolism and the primary
> >metabolite?
> >What about the tertiary metabolism and the tertiary metabolite?
> >"Mozart Marins" <marins at> wrote
> >> HI there,
> >>     Please, can someone give me a good definition of what is a
> >> metabolism ? A secondary metabolite ? How we diferentiate a primary
> >> metabolism form secondary metabolism ?
> >>     Tkanks, Mozart
> >
Dr. Mozart Marins "If there's a God, how do you
Research Assistant explain the cockroaches ?"
Dept. Of Pharmaceutical Sciences
FFCFRP-USP - Sao Paulo - Brazil

>   They're compounds that unlike, say, chlorophyll, don't have any direct
> function in growth or development of the plant - e.g. terpenes, phenols,
> alkaloids, etc., or to put it another way, what we often refer to as
> "natural products" (such as latex or cocaine).
>   Also, unlike primary metabolites, the specific compound(s) are seldom
> if ever found throughout the plant kingdom but usually restricted to a
> single family or even a single species. And finally, though it's purely
> a matter of interest rather than definition, they most often serve to
> protect a plant from attack by herbivores, pests or pathogens.
>   I'm sure all (except Jankalski) will forgive me having spent about
> fifteen seconds looking in an old Plant Physiology text to refresh my
> memory of this. Hint: check the index - not exactly an arcane topic. I
> won't speculate why the original poster couldn't have done so, except to
> note that it obviously isn't him who needs a little vacation.....

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