How to Identify House Plants?

Steve crackpotNOSPAM at
Tue Jul 4 02:43:10 EST 2000


I recently acquired some house plants, but I have no idea at all what they

Is there a web site that had pictures or something that I can use to
identify them?

Maybe a site that would ask some general questions about what they look
like, etc, and then show you some possible matches where you can pick the
correct plant from a list of pictures?
That is probably asking too much, but there are some great websites out
there, so who knows, maybe it exists.

If anyone knows of any good sites for identifying house plants, please post
the addresses, or e-mail me after removing the NOSPAM from my address.

Also, I should mention that I am in Canada in case that makes a difference,
what with all the different plants in different parts of the world, etc.


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