Southwest Rookie Needs Help Please!!

Monique Reed monique at
Mon Jul 10 10:31:49 EST 2000

Most succulents prefer a quick-draining mix (more sand and less peat
than you would use on most houseplants) and like to dry out at least a
little between waterings.  Never let the pots stand in a saucer full
of water.  Daily waterings may be too much.  Agapanthus, on the other
hand, can tolerate wet feet and likes a more humusy mix.  Cannas will
grow in standing water and like to be kept moist.

M. Reed

Douglas Heinsdorf wrote:
> Hello,
> I am in HOT Yuma, Arizona - on the Mexico,Cali,AZ border. Over the last 3
> months I inherited quite a few cacti and other succulents as well as planted
> Canna, Agapanthus, and lots of other stuff I dont know the names of.
> Problem is I think I am overwatering. I have some good direct sunlight on
> most of the plants. I use Miracle Gro and varous soils I have assumed to be
> correct. But I usually water daily to every other day. I just dont know -
> and I want to learn.  I have asked friends and relatives but didnt quite
> gain concensus.
> Please email me!!! I really would appreciate any advice.
> Regards,
> Doug Heinsdorf.
> PS, I have some of the weirdest looking cacti I have ever seen.

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