Help me SPIDER MITES!!!!!

William R. Beatty beatty1 at
Wed Jul 12 22:30:16 EST 2000

I have made a tea from hot peppers, strained it and applied it to the plants with a mist bottle.  Strain carefully so you don't clog the mister.  Spray carefully as not to breathe in any of this!!!  It worked wonderfully for aphids.  Why not try it?  
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  I have an angel trumpet that is fixing to bloom, but the spidermites are
  going to keep it from happening.  Is it the region I am in?  Can I try
  some natural way to rid these pesky mites from my angel trumpet.  I am
  in  the south eastern part of Tennessee.  Or what kind of pesticde
  should I use to desroy these pests.  There are all other kinds of plants
  around it , but they just seem to attack my angel trumpet.  Any
  suggestions would be appreciated.


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