genetic defect/ mutation in nuts/ cause/edible?

dennis314 dennisn1dsNOdeSPAM at
Sun Jul 16 13:12:43 EST 2000

Concern: defective walnuts shell seam incomplete, three
seams fade half way to tip as if into solid seamless shell;
kernel inside, rather than two parallel food leaves
connected at the germ end, instead can be described as
three essentially leaf halves joined along the longitudinal
axis for middle third.  It was indeed mysteriously
different.  There were many in the lot, fairly consistent
among themselves.   Is this more likely fruit of a
defective tree?  Might it be, rather, a fruit deviation
caused by pollen from a defective tree randomly settting
warped fruit over the range of the pollinating mechanism in
the orchard or farm?????

Has this condition been studied? Is it spontaneous?
Pollution driven? Any story on it whatsoever.   How about
expert sources?

Are there health hazards in consuming.   May the soil have
been mine tailings or smelter / extraction chemical wastes?

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