Infos about Clivia ?

Pascal Vigneron v_pascal at
Tue Jul 18 12:35:37 EST 2000

Hello, Bonjour!

You'll find some informations and links about Clivia on my page:
(Clivia Lindley 1828 and Imantophyllum Hooker 1828 are synonyms.)
You'll find some nurseries too.

Si vous parlez français vous pourrez visiter avec profit le site,
entièrement dédié aux Amaryllidaceae.

Pascal - France.

Jean PARMENTIER <no at> a écrit dans le message :
8ko75i$2pu$1 at
> I am looking for a plant called :
> Himantophyllum, this name become CLIVIA Miniata
> Any information are welcome.

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