neat new product EZPOT self watering planter works!

EZPOT self watering planter lui at
Sat Jul 22 21:00:42 EST 2000

i have a neat new product
its called the


its a "self watering planter/container"
for growing all kinds of plants
this thing realy works
you plant it like any normal planter
fill the 3 gall water tank
and thats it
it will go for up to a month on one tank
i diveloped it for myself orginaly
to help me keep up with watering my tomatos
i live in tx and if you miss a day watering out here your plants are toast.
it uses a wicking system that is very simple
the whole thing is very simple
please come look at my website

and if any one has any
questions please email me   my name is luis collie
lui at
good day

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