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Wed Jul 26 08:18:00 EST 2000

"Richard L. Wainwright" wrote:

> Hey! The easiest, safest and most effective way to control mites is with
> horticultural oils such as Neem Oil (by Green Light) or UtraFine Oil (by
> SunSpray) There was a recent study by the Connecticut Agriculteral
> Experiment Station in Windsor, Conn. who found that horticultural sprays out
> performed even the strongest chemicals, including ones used by professional
> nurseryman.  Oils work better because 1) it kills both adult mites as will
> as their eggs through suffocation.  Other miticides only target the adults,
> and within days any viable eggs hatch and the cycle continues. 2) Mites
> can't develop resistance to oils as they can against chemicals.  Adult male
> mites carry a gene which helps them adapt rapidly to poisons.  Since oils
> work by suffocation, they cannot adapt against this.  3)Oils are gentler
> than other miticides.  They don't take out the Good Guys (including you!).
> Following treatment, the number of bad mites drops quickly and dramatically,
> allowing the predatory mites a chance to catch up and control them for the
> rest of the season.  They also do not harm other good guys like lady bugs,
> bees, praying mantis, etc.  Another great benefit of Neem Oil in particular,
> is that it also is very effective against powdery mildew, rust, black spot
> and a host of other fungal diseases.  I use it on my roses regularly.  I am
> a Landscape Design Consultant so gardening is my passion.  Hope you will go
> out and buy it now and save your angel's trumpet.  Pat Wainwright at
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> > I have an angel trumpet that is fixing to bloom, but the spidermites are
> > going to keep it from happening.  Is it the region I am in?  Can I try
> > some natural way to rid these pesky mites from my angel trumpet.  I am
> > in  the south eastern part of Tennessee.  Or what kind of pesticde
> > should I use to desroy these pests.  There are all other kinds of plants
> > around it , but they just seem to attack my angel trumpet.  Any
> > suggestions would be appreciated.
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Well, I tried a dilute sunspray oil on some of my greenhouse plants last winter.
Killed a lot of stuff, including many of the plants.

Dick Wagner

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