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At least you didn't anthropomorphize your answer like e.t. did.

So it would be better to grow something else that doesn't drop its leaves so easily.

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  Ficus in general loose their leaves as a way of showing stress-change in temp., breeze from an outside door that is opened and closed regularly, under watered, breeze from air/heat vent are all typical reasons they drop leaves.
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    If you mean the "ficus benjamina", you're doing just fine.  LOL...that's one of it's traits.  The ficus tree is notorious for going bald on you!  Just keep it in the same place...ficus trees hate to be moved.

    I finally wound up trimming back all the bald sticks so that the new growth could develop on mine.  I moved her outside onto my porch, and I'll bet I have a show stopper in a couple of years.  Errr...until I have to take her back inside this winter, and I imagine the whole process will repeat itself.  e.t.
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      I have a benjamin... and it looses leaves. 

      Can you give me some instructions how to really well take care of the benjamin. What to look for and how to cure what symptoms?... like rippled leaves, falling leaves, yellow leaves 

      Thank you 


      Please reply by email as well... zischeck_michael at
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