help me save Benjamin ?

Stephen Jankalski CEREOID at
Sat Jul 29 19:17:41 EST 2000

The question was not about all species of Ficus in general but was about
Ficus benjamina in particular. The genus is an extremely varied group in
form and requirements.

At this point, I no longer give a fig.

"Janice" <ginkibam at> wrote in message
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> Why would you call them tempermental?  I have several figs in different
> varieties around my house and they are the easiest to care for.  I prune
> every six months, or when ever the mood strikes me and repot them once in
> while as they grow.  I never fertilize any of my plants. They don't
> whole lot of care after that.  Water them once a week and put them in a
> with a window. Far less work than most of my other plants and trees. Plus
> are perfect for interior design, I live in Canada so I can't put them
> outside.  If any of my figs are tempermental I ould have to say its the
> fig.  That one tries to die about 3 times a year.
> Janice
> Stephen Jankalski wrote:
> > Give the plant to Bob Kirk.
> >
> > He thinks the "Weeping Fig",  Ficus benjamina is wonderful.
> >
> > I would say get rid of it and get something not so temperamental.
> >

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