Powdery Mildew - Rhus Glabra

Les Todd lesbet at mail.jps.net
Sun Jul 30 21:28:48 EST 2000

I just reviewed all of the Powdery Mildew answers.  I can't beleive no
said "dusting sulfur"  This mined element has been used for decades for
Powdery Mildew on GRAPES .  Don't know what else it is registared for, but
on grapes it has been the workhorse of viticulture.  It is preventative
only.  Les

Chris Owens wrote:

> Maria Luna and Mark Bornfeld wrote:
> >
> > Could someone suggest appropriate treatment for powdery mildew on my
> > sumac bushes? I'm not necessarily averse to use of chemicals, if
> > necessary...
> > I'm located in Brooklyn, NY, zone 7...
> I'd just ignore it; it won't hurt them.  If you are really
> distressed by the appearance, you could spray them with lime
> sulphur.
> Chris Owens

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