Anthropocentrism vs. Biocentism

Alan Middlemiss cannabis at
Thu Jun 1 20:27:21 EST 2000

Dear People:

   I must say that posting to this newsgroup has caused me to think hard
about issues. I will still continue with the experiment and work with the
local university to help keep it based in science. I dont really have the
energy after working 12 hours days (oh poor me eh!) digging water wells to
come home and make lengthy explanations and outline procedures for the
experiment. I realize now that I was taken in by the "bionet" part of the
name of this newsgroup. I had not realized that it was wrought with
anthropocentrism, or the belief that humans are on top of the
pyramid...otherwise stated that all other species are below human beings. I
firmly (all my life) have believed in biocentrism which is that humans are
on an even playing field with the rest of life on earth.. that we are part
of a lateral web of life , of course holding down a special (but often
misused) place. Do I believe that plants can communicate , you bet! Do I
believe that colonies of bees can communicate amongst themselves ,yes I do.
Can we scientifically using our left brain prove this ... i'm not so sure.
Its that other 50% of grey matter in our heads that i'm trying to tap into..
the right side. This will most definatley be my last posting here (ever),
but before I go I wanted to say that there are over 100 people from 14
different countries participating in the project. If nothing else these
people will watch plants grow for a season which is relaxing (potentially
healing -- another unproven can of worms I know). So is it really all that
bad? I am working with the local botany department of the university to
cretae controls and tests to "potentially" access differences in the plots.
I feel so jaded by this newsgroup that it's hard to lift a finger to type
another word... it seems all in vain. I hope the world really is not as
mundane and human-centred as you all seem to believe it is. I certainly wont
be changing anbodys mind in here (not that I intended to). We are all set in
our ways are we not? You shouldnt feel bad at all though , fore
anthropocentrism is the basis of society today, it is commonly accepted. I
only wish that there was more room in peoples lives for the wonders of

  Good-bye, Good-luck and even Respect from " the Hemp jerk"

Alan Middlemiss

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