"Flowers of the Field"

Aven avengius at worldnet.att.netNOSPAM
Thu Jun 1 22:37:29 EST 2000

This is a rather strange question, but I would greatly appreciate any
and all help.

While reading something the other day, I came across a reference to "the
flowers of the field", and knowing what this could be a reference to
would greatly help me out. Is there any species or group of flowers that
are referred to, or can be referred to, as "flowers of the field"? (My
first guess was wildflowers, but my guess is virtually baseless).

Also, if this phrase can be viewed as a reference to a certain flower or
classification of flowers, what unique characteristics would these
flowers have? In other words, what would set them apart from other
flowers (coloring, life-span, commonness/rareness).

Thank you.

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