"Flowers of the Field"

Aven avengius at worldnet.att.netNOSPAM
Fri Jun 2 23:00:58 EST 2000

Roger Whitehead wrote:

> In article <39382214.BB3DA1D0 at worldnet.att.netNOSPAM>, Aven wrote:
> > I found this Israeli botanical website
> Which Web site is that, Aven?


> > While Sternbergia clausiana is mentioned, Sternbergia lutea
> > is not. Is the former simply more common, or is it just an omission?
> An omission from what?

An omission from the website's list of Israeli plants... Why did my question get
you confused? <G>

I figured that if Sternbergia lutea is a possible candidate for Israel's "lilies
of the field" it would have been mentioned on the website. I thought that if it
wasn't, it was simply an omission on the part of the guys who made the website.

> (It's Sternbergia *clusiana*, by the way, after the French gardener, Clusius.)

Yeah, sorry...I just "copied and pasted" from the Israeli website, which has it
listed as Sternbergia clausiana.

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