Fungi growing on soil. Southern England.

Beverly Erlebacher bae at
Sun Jun 4 21:24:33 EST 2000

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KDBANGLIA <kdbanglia at> wrote:
>Can anyone give a rough idea of what the outcome of outcrops of fungi on soil
>is ?
>The fungi grows in a cupped shape, upto about an inch and a half across, has a
>white testured outer bloom and a smooth khaki coloured inner.
>I'd guess at poor drainage !

Fungi have to live on something, and most live on dead material.  You probably
have some incompletely decomposed organic matter in there, like some old
tree roots or perhaps you've added some relatively fresh compost or manure.
The fungus is just continuing the decomposition process, recycling nutrients
that your plants will later be able to use, and adding stable organic matter
to the soil.

Aside from some fungi that rot trees, and 'fairy ring' mushrooms, pathogenic
fungi seldom produce large fruiting bodies.  Almost certainly, this fungus
is doing no harm, and is actually doing you some good.  So enjoy it while 
you have it - it sounds rather attractive.  It will go away when it runs out
of food.

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