Need advice re: Guzmania and Vriesea

Stephen Jankalski CEREOID at
Mon Jun 5 07:24:00 EST 2000

Those are not flowers but are actually brightly colored leaves.

Your plants are obviously not getting enough light. The light intensity and
quality is not enough for them to color up properly.

"e.t. and dct" <emt1 at> wrote in message
news:E2x_4.755$kj3.4042 at news4.atl...
> I have a Guzmania "Vella" and a Vriesea "Isabel".  Both plants appear to
> growing well; the leaves are in great condition, and are a beautiful
> But...the flowers seem to have lost their color.  The Guzmania has turned
> yellowish green in color instead of the bright red it is supposed to be.
> The Vriesea flower is not bright yellow and red now; it's also a yellowish
> green.
> They are both indoors, but they are under a plant light.  Can anyone tell
> what has happened and how to resolve this situation?  Thank you!  e.t.

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