Fungi growing on soil. Southern England.

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Mon Jun 5 17:56:51 EST 2000

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>Hello Richard,
>What do you know about the soil ? If farmyard manure (FYM) or other 
>bulky organic waste has been recently (last six months) incorporated it 
>is quite common for fruit bodies to emerge from bare soil.(I have a load 
>coming up in my vegetable patch at the moment after a heavy FYM 
>dressing.They are essentially based in lumps of manure that have not yet 
>been completely incorporated.
>Try looking up the genera Otidea and Peziza for pictures that might 
>As to the "outcome" it is hard to say that there is one apart from the 
>fact that that particular fungus is present and found the soil and the 
>season just right. It will be decomposing organic matter  just like 
>nearly all the other bacteria and fungi that exist in millions in every 
>handful of soil.
> Peter Harris
> Reading, UK. 

Thanks Peter,

It's good old (or not so old) Croydon Council recycled compost that's doing it.


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