Irises need dividing

Renee Brussaard Renee.Brussaard at
Tue Jun 6 11:31:37 EST 2000

Thanks Monique, but I don't think they are ill.   They look green and lush,
just no blooms.


"Monique Reed" <monique at> wrote in message
news:393D1708.E61F2B7F at
> I think you are supposed to do it around July, after they flower.  If
> they haven't flowered in years, I'm not sure when is best.  It's not a
> bad idea to dust cut surfaces with a little fungicide powder.
> M. Reed
> Renee Brussaard wrote:
> >
> > Can someone tell me when it is best to divide irises? I have some in my
> > garden which aren't blooming. It looks as though they have been in the
> > spot since they were planted.  I've heard that they should be moved
> > few years.  Is it okay to divide and move them now?

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