Birds eating geraniums

jem mormanjNOmoSPAM at
Fri Jun 9 09:22:10 EST 2000


I'm new to the forum, and have a question about birds/flowers.

Last year I planted moss roses along our landscape rocks; within
a week the birds had eaten them to the ground.

This year I planted geraniums (@2.49 ea.) along the 70+ foot
scape.  Guess what!  Birds are eating them to the ground.

No, its not a rabbit ~~ it's birds ~~ robins to be precise.

Tried spraying with red hot mixture (works for rabbits), and now
I've put moth balls around the flowers.  I'd hate to have to
resort to the BB gun, but these birds are eating gourmet meals
and I'm paying the tab.  Any suggestions?
Thanks, Jem

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